National Ballet

Installation proposal by Casper Faassen 


Since two years, Casper has been working extensively with dancers and choreographers of the renowned Dutch National Ballet.

Dance is a fleeting form of expression that fits well in his approach of the old Vanitas theme.

The initial project was an auction piece for the charity organization Dance4Life. Matthew Pawlicky Sinclair joined Casper in the project as choreographer. They soon decided to take the most out of this opportunity so besides photographic works, they shot a video. Matthew reworked his piece “Moments” so that the appearing and disappearing of the four dancers behind Casper’s ‘veil’ was optimized. The dimension of distance is an important one as everything that is near is visible and soon fades as the dancers move away from the viewer. 

Impression of the outdoor glass cube installation

Impression of the outdoor glass cube installation


The project grew and is now ready for the next step; an overview exhibition with a center piece installation. 

The installation is a glass cube where video of the dancers is projected through four short-throw beamers from the inside. You can walk around the cube and the sound and video make you feel as if the dancers are actually dancing inside inside. 

For an opening event the dancers could perform in the cube or outside to live music. 

Impression of overview exhibition

Impression of overview exhibition


About the artist

Casper Faassen (1975, The Netherlands) is a visual artist who grew up in Leiden, where, inspired by the classical paintings of 17th century painters such as Rembrandt and Jan van Goyen, he developed his love for drawing and painting.

Building on tradition, Casper adds his unique visual language, approaching his photographs as paintings and therewith creating a distance between subject and viewer. Mixing photography and painted layers, juxtaposing subject (beauty) with form (decay), has gained praise from critics as well as the public.

His work has been exhibited at numerous international art fairs such as Photo Basel, Photo London, Photofairs Shanghai, Unseen & PAN Amsterdam. His work is featured in private as well as public collections such as the Frans Hals Museum (Haarlem), Museum de Lakenhal (Leiden) and the Haagsch Historisch Museum.



Framing, costs of the video installation and a catalogue are covered. Marketing, transport, opening event and installation of the exhibition are up for discussion. 


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